Becoming a Featured Artist

 In addition to exhibiting seven Permanent  Artists, there is also available 10-12 feet of wall space each for up to three artists to be a Featured Artist for a particular weekend, when they can display and sell their works. They can also use one of the small tables for business cards or smaller  works on table easels.  There is no guarantee that anyone will buy anything but a good location -- at the high-end of the mall, near all the high-priced restaurants, is certainly a favorable environment. 

To offset minor costs, we ask each featured artist to pay $25 for the weekend. There are no commissions and no other costs -- except your time -- because we ask you to be there for the hours that we are open that weekend: Friday night 5-9, Saturday 1-9 & Sunday 12-6.  We will hang your work for you, which you must deliver ahead of time, preferably Tuesday evening, orThursday or Friday afternoon. This can be arranged ahead of time.  If you like, you can also set up an easel and paint inside or outside the gallery while you are there.

We anticipate the schedule to fill quickly, so let us know if you are interested and if so, for which weekend you would like to display/sell and/or paint at Patriot Place. You can e-mail Frank Quinn at But before you commit, we strongly advise you to visit the gallery, talk to the artists and see it for yourself.
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