Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish Paintout Successful

Massive crowds streamed through the Gallery during the Irish Festival held at Patriot Place on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day. More than a dozen artists painted inside and outside, helping entertain the crowds as foot-stomping Irish music played in the background. A major attraction was Steve Gaul, a popular guest artist at the Gallery, and 3 of his colleagues from SNAC: Southern New England Artist Community. They are Corey Ritch,Charlie Robinson and Scott Francoeur. All four set up shop accross from the gallery and proceeded to sculpt and paint larger-than-life creations -- perfect for drawing a crowd. (Unfortunately we have no pictures of them.) Other artists included Sarah Feragen, Rosemarie Doherty, Mari Connors, Ellen Little, Pat Buckley, Adam Czachorowski, Ralph Calderwood, George Ransom, Vania Noverca Viveiros, Haydi Hurley and Frank Quinn. Photographers Steve Cross, Jerry Crawford and Jack Gannon also participated. It was cooler than expected, but a fun day nevertheless.

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