Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anchor Artist :: Donna MacLure

With a lifelong interest in art and first working in oils, Donna took her first watercolor class in 1997. She has participated in numerous workshops and studying with both local and national instructors, including: John Salminen, Peter Spataro, Ben Macomber, Al Albertson, Gail Rose, Paul George and Nancy Howell.

Donna’s work has been frequently published in local newspapers and “The Art Guide” Northeast Edition Dec 2006. She is an active member of many art groups. Donna is a former Board Member of the RIWS, secretary of the FAA and Programs Chair of Wickford Art Association. She is currently teaching intermediate classes. A number of her pieces can be found in collections in Canada, Costa Rica and throughout the US.

"Familiar everyday objects are often the subject matter for much of my work. Big bold color and brave line yet round soft edges. I work mainly from photos with a quick loose sketch. The work starts out very loose and wet then gets reigned in to eventually a more detailed finished piece. I work on both hot and cold pressed paper with transparent watercolor. I am currently working on synthetic Yupo paper. These pieces are totally from within. They are more organic, much brighter, bolder and more opaque, far more spontaneous and deliciously looser. My paintings reveal my truth. It is an enlightening process and I am excited to see where it takes me. I feel truly blessed to be a painter."

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