Sunday, September 18, 2011

Healey, Fotland & Shuman exhibiting Sep. 23-25

Local artists Marilyn Healey, Dick Fotland and Bernard Shuman will be the featured artists the last weekend in September. Pictured above are Marilyn's Sunflower, Dick's seascape and Bernard's bird carvings and one of his watercolors. In addition, as part of Patriot Place's "Harvest Celebration", many artists will be painting at Patriot Place Saturday afternoon, Sep. 25, weather permitting. This will be a great opportunity not only to visit the gallery and view finished works of art, but also to watch other artists in the process of trying to create even more works of art. The Gallery is open Fridays 5-9 pm, Saturdays 12-9 pm, and Sundays 11-6.

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