Monday, July 23, 2012

Featured Artists

This past weekend (July 20-22) the gallery hosted 3 featured artists: Deborah Putnam, pictured above, Steve Albee, an abstract expressionist, and Jaclyn Quigley, pictured below Deborah. Deborah Putnam hails from South Boston and is especially known for her marvelous cityscapes. While she was at the gallery this weekend, she painted her view of Skipjack's restaurant just outside the gallery (click on the above photo to enlarge it). Steve Albee also painted while he was at the gallery, and if you think his abstracts are easy. you should try to do one. Jacyln Quigley, a young emerging artist from Walpole, was perhaps the most productive, creating several colorful works using acrylic paint. Next weekend (July 27-28) our featured artist will be Ana Zanor, known for her amazing pet portraits, and Brenda Doucette, an award-winning nature photographer, known especially for her gorgeous depictions of flowers.
The gallery looks different every weekend, thanks to our changing featured artists. Visitors are always welcome. You don't have to ba an artist to appreciate beautiful images. And if you wish to be a featured artist for a future weekend, you should contact Frank Quinn at

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