Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our Grand Re-opening Weekend

"I looked up and this seemingly out of control lady on roller skates was coming towards me yelling, "I do not know how to stop!"  That is how my Sunday at the art gallery began.  The day prior we had about ten artists all painting outside our art gallery drawing a crowd of on-lookers.  And Saturday evening we had two very talented young ladies, Jess & Maddy, playing guitar, ukulele and singing under the stars.  For sure it was a real fun weekend for those who had visited the Artist's Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place (across from Davios and Bar Louie) this past weekend.
That roller skating lady had some strange travel companions.  Can you imagine seeing a twleve foot tall alien walking through an art gallery?  Or being hugged by a hot dog named Frank?

It is always a fun time when visiting the Artist's Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place."


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