Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anchor Artist :: Jack Gannon

Jack’s love to explore and his unique vision on life are the makings of a great photographer. He is a “street photographer” with an eye for the beautiful and the unusual. His work, exhibited at numerous festivals & galleries, hangs in homes and offices all around the world.

Jack has transformed many of his photographs into works of art and has been approached by many fine artists wondering how what he does can be classified as photography, as it looks so much like a traditional work of art. To mix photography with traditional art is an art in itself.

Jack travels the globe photographing the people, the culture and the beauty within each big city & small village he explores and many times he finds himself in areas where tourists are rarely seen.

“I just love showing people the beauty that exists within the world today!”
A sample of Jack’s photographic art can be seen on his website.

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